Topic: Back to the Future: Education Lessons for the Post-COVID 19 New Normal

Kenn Ross

Managing Director of Minerva Project

In the modern society, our lives are now reshaped by innovative technologies and different social issues. As we own more resources we are also facing much more challenges than the society before. Without a fixed campus, Minerva Project allows the students to break free from restrictions and embrace the world. Established in SFO in 2012, Minerva Project broke the barrier of having a fixed campus, bringing learning onto their active learning forum through teaching through streaming. This allows the project to offer students the chance to experience different lifestyles around the world (7 cities within four years, to cultivate a new group of students that can understand modern problems and raise modern solutions.
Professional Experience
Advisor, Chase Future
Founder / Director, IFPASS (International Foundation for the Promotion of Academic Soft Skills)
Vice President, Sales / Marketing, NorSun AS
Middlebury College
Harvard Business School

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