DeepWave Co., Ltd.

Deepwave Co., Ltd. is a startup concentrated in acoustic-related AI solution development. Our mission is twofold: to provide AI-enhanced music playing experience whilst add value to the music industry and extend the technologies applications to benefit other industries. In specific, our key technologies have been applied to “karaoke industry”, “music education”, and “smart manufacturing.” Our key music-related technologies include “audio fingerprinting”, “genre/mood classification”, “query by singing/humming”, “singing voice separation”, “beat tracking”, “active noise cancellation”, “speech denoising”, “singing transcription”, “performance similarity scoring”, “lyric alignment”, and “chord estimation.” Our solution is making the playing and learning experience less distracting and trackable. In smart manufacturing, we extend the application of “active noise cancellation”, “speech denoising”, “performance similarity scoring” in anomaly detection, such as motor sound monitoring and speaker quality assurance. The application of artificial intelligence can avoid workplace hearing damage, improve yield rate, and thrive as data-driven management.

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