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“HiTutor is Taiwan’s first and largest online multi-language learning organization. HiTutor ESL teaching center launched in 2009 in Ortigas Center, Pasig city, Philippines. Foreseeing learning language online would be a trend in near future, HiTutor makes a great use of its educational background and combines large-scale resources with technology to establish a reputable and professional online language academy. HiTutor provides the highest quality online language learning service for learners in Taiwan and opens a new era of online education. Today, we offer beyond 50 themed professional and interesting courses with over 17 languages for more than 100,000 online learners worldwide.
Company Services
●Personalized Language Learning Platform We provide one-on-one courses featured in 17 languages of online language learning to ensure learners can learn anytime, anywhere and meet different learning needs.
●Language Teaching Platform We recruit experienced language teaching experts make use of their free time to share their knowledge and culture online, and meet friends from all over the world. The students play an active role in the class while the teacher’s role is to coach. Create a close-to-life dialogue situation based on students’ learning needs. No need to learn by rote. Acquiring a new language painlessly and naturally.
●Educational Institution Assisting Platform We partner with schools and cram schools to collaborate with the offline teachers and courses to strengthen students’ communication skills.
●OEM Branding Platform With our online multilingual courses, professional teachers, user-friendly platforms, schools, cram schools, and other entity institutions which haven’t equipped with online learning courses can expand their services or establish innovative brands to generate more revenues. We actively build a cloud-based foreign language learning platform, which benefits people worldwide, including online face-to-face language learning courses, cultural exchanges, and cross-border friendship, to embody Hitutor’s core value, that is, “ Say Hi to the World. ” ”

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