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HyRead was founded in 2010 by Hyweb Technology, providing quality content of eBooks and eMagazines. The HyRead eBook solution has been deployed in well over 1000 libraries in the world, and the adoption of HyRead solution in academic libraries has archived 100%. HyRead eBook is currently Taiwan’s largest traditional Chinese eBook platform, and actively expands overseas business, including Hong Kong , Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and other regions.
HyRead eBook supports different devices to use, including PC, iPad/iPhone ,Android smart phones ,tablets and Gaze I Ink reader which provide online reading and download reading. Online reading means that readers can open ebooks directly via browser without installing any software. On the other hand, readers can install the software and download to read eBooks, so that readers can read anytime without internet. HyRead provides diverse ways to meet the needs of readers, no space constraint, and let readers always feel free to read.

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