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Contact Name: Ms. Li
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(1) Product Introduction
Live Culture includes blended AR technology and top tourism spots, with elaborative drawing pictures to help children learn various types of knowledge, such as literature, history, geography, and famous person, etc. By using AR Book, AR APP and poster, students can explore 10 countries with a total of 240 spots and 480 video clips. Then follow the 3 learning steps of introductory video of spot, picture dictionary and fun facts of spot to enrich their knowledge of the world.

(2) Curriculum Structure
One-year curriculum for 9-10 years old children

(3) Specification
(For student) Class Book (compatible with LivePen) AR APP (Student’s account, accessible to web-school) 10 Posters (compatible with LivePen)
(For teacher) Answer Key AR Flash card Teaching PPTs Teacher’s Guide & Lesson Plan Web-School (Teacher’s account)

(4) Price
– Class Book + 10 posters US$35
– Web-school US$50,000 (Buy out fee)
– AR mobile APP + Web-school US$10,000/per year (Rental fee)
– LivePen US$70 (NOT include the price of 16GB SD card(floating))