Company Name: WisdomGarden
Contact Name: Ms. Chen
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TronClass combines a learning management system (LMS) with cloud technology—as an integrated and user-centered solution to learning, teaching, management, and evaluation for students, teachers and administrators.
More than an LMS, TronClass is a management system for blended learning in higher education as well as K-12. To deliver a great variety of experiences, Tronclass supports all kinds of setting and pedagogies from MOOCs and SPOCs to flipped learning and smart learning.

To address the current issue that on-campus classes are suspended due to the coronavirus, WisdomGarden proposes an “1 LMS for N contexts” plan that supports teaching and learning in different contexts (N contexts) with TronClass (1 integrated LMS). The plan enables all students to self-directedly learn at home and instructors to teach, track student progress, and conduct course management online. Moreover, not just for students and instructors, TronClass also plays a supportive role to help administrators monitor and evaluate all the process from preparation before class through interaction during class to learning analytics and management after class.

TronClass not only fights against the coronavirus with all members involved in the process and contexts of learning, teaching, management, and evaluation—but also keeps being the supportive partner after everything goes back to normal.