Claire Huang

Director of LiveABC Group (Hebron Soft Limited)

Language ability is a key to open the door of "internationalization"; "English" is an important tool to communicate with the world.
Based on high-quality digital language learning content, LiveABC integrates "traditional publishing", "multimedia interactive technology" and "the Internet" to develop unique digital publications to assist teaching and enhance learning efficiency.
Products of LiveABC are launched in more than 20 countries around the world, allowing the world to see the power of digital publishing from Taiwan.
Professional Experience
Senior Direction of Academic Affairs LiveABC
Lecturer of ETA International Symposium on English Language Teaching
Lecturer of English Reading and Writing in AEA Academy
Lecturer in Department of Applied Foreign Languages in Lan Yang Institute of Technology
Lecturer of Training Courses of English teachers for children in National Taiwan Normal University and Chung Yuan Christian University
ESL Lecturer of Adult Education Center in California, United States

University of Southern California Master of Teaching English

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