The Closing Ceremony of “Power Your Skill- STEAM UP – Season 1” Was Rounded Off

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International live streaming course during the COVID-19 pandemic-Power Your Skill- STEAM Up has been completed on June 1st. Under the director of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Lu Cheng-Hua ‘s administration, Taiwan has proved that they not only did great job on successful prevention but also achieved a remarkable success in online courses as well!


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With social media and foreign offices showed strong support for this course, it took less than a week to exceed the maximum and broke a record that 1,379 students from 31 countries had signed up for it.

Though it’s extremely difficult to be online at the same time due to

the equation of time. We certainly sure that we’ve already bridge the gap when we met students from Guatemala, which is 14 hours behind Taiwan.

As the sayings goes, life will find its way out, online learning might be the best solution to study during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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In our online learning courses, we knew that face the camera naturally can be improved through constantly practicing. (Check out the videos from Director Lu, leader Lin Tsun-Hsiu, Section manager Lin Ching-Chin and enthusiastic students from different countries )

From online opening ceremony to practical course related to epidemic prevention and final presentation competition on closing ceremony. Students can participate and discuss without any boundary. Students can learn through play is the key to success!

The upcoming season is also fascinating, stay tuned and follow our Facebook group【Power Your skills-steam Up】to get the latest news.

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