Keep Learning During Epidemic Prevention! III provides free educational videos on the online learning platform!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools had postponed their semester. Many parents are worry about their kid will fall behind at school.Digital Education Institute (DEI) provides K12 and college students with “CoreLab” platform and YouTube channel ”I3EDU”, which is free for students so that they can study at home to fight against the virus.


DEI is committed to cultivating talents, information integration and Information and Communication technology (ICT) courses. With the original intention of training digital talents, DEI develops a learning platform “CoreLab” to create a hands-on learning environment. Institute for information industry (III) releases the hottest online courses like Python and Java programming for free during the Covid-19 outbreak, wishing to help students in high school/college to study online.DEI may process the application from teachers and students from schools with insufficient learning resources preferentially.


The online platform “CoreLab” is easy to use. Log in first and select “Public Class” , you can learn anywhere, at anytime. Teachers from schools and cram schools are able to apply for” Private Class”, and invite students to co-learn to improve their study performance.


The most special thing is that once students finished all the online courses on “CoreLab”, DEI will provide diagnoses according to their progress which includes hours spent, test scores, practical results and scores compared to others, etc. Students can receive certification and catch up with others after they go back to schools.


In the age of live broadcast, III’s Youtube channel “I3EDU” has done many efforts to fight against the virus. such as providing courses like “Introduction of computational thinking”, “DIY Unity”,“Introduction of principles of animation” and “Scratch workshop”. All the programs are suitable for students above 5 grade in elementary school. In the future, we will provide a great variety of courses such as digital transformation, English and new residents’ languages to bridge the gap between schools and homes.


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