Hebron Soft Limited (LiveABC)

LiveABC Interactive English Group is a worldwide organization and the largest producer of multimedia language learning materials based in Taiwan. We employ over four hundred people and partner with a multitude of organizations across the island and around the world. Our business scope covers publishing, education and digital content industries, we operate physical and digital publication, digital teaching, textbook publishing, online learning, Chinese language learning, overseas publishing, children English language center, corporate education and other business projects. Looking forward to the future, LiveABC will take advantage of its existing digital content to build the country’s largest digital learning database, with the goal of becoming the world’s largest and most professional supplier of language teaching materials and systems. LiveABC is committed to developing digital publishing language learning products and has developed interactive software and digital learning tools such as reading pens. Learners can use interactive learning software to strengthen listening and speaking skills. Use the reading pen to listen to the pronunciation while reading, and combine it with practical learning materials. To create a complete language learning environment, the group continues to publish interactive English/Japanese magazines, series of books, textbooks and other publications every month. At present, it has accumulated more than 1,000 digital language learning products to meet the learning needs of all stages.

Visit website: https://store.liveabc.com/