Motoduino Lab. Inc,

Motoduino Lab. Inc. has been dedicated on developing Scratch for Arduino (S4A/S2A) learning kits for more than 4 years. To fulfill STEAM education, Motoduino also delivered Arduino S4A/S2A Learning Kit , Smart Robot Car, S4A Sensor Boards, , and IoT (Internet of Things) Learning Kit, along with variety of sensor modules, etc., which had been popular adopted in junior and elementary schools and makers. Motoduino also developed motoBlockly – Blockly-base Arduino Development Platform and IoT (Internet of Things) Learning Set, for smart city/ smart home IoT applications development. It can also be deployed in smart plant watering system, smart building etc. training/demo platform. Motoduino also provides several textbook and learning kiet, such as smart light control with mobile Apps, LED T-shirt, Wi-Fi remote monitoring robot car, air quality monitoring, and smart plant watering system, etc.

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