Whalesbot Robotics

Robots are a hybrid technology that combines science and technology, making building blocks robots suitable for STEAM education. Based on our love for robots and our passion for teaching AI to young kids, our deep understanding of the Robot technology enable us to developed a modularized robot to lower the age of learning artificial intelligence.
With step by step interactive program, our robot kits guide young people to understand how to communicate with robot, and how robot interact with the world. With patented building block and our PBL teaching platform, you will be amazed how creative the kids can be, and how much they can do and problem they can solve. We saw the teenagers become smarter and braver simply playing Whalebot.
Let’s together help young kids to touch and learn new technology more quickly. Let our kids who play Whalesbot to change the world and improve human life.

Visit website: https://www.whalesbot.tw/