【CIRCUS Pi】Circus EZ Start Kit Expansion Board

Contact Name: Ms. Huang
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3-in-one expansion board for micro:bit, Linkit 7697 & ESP32
Saving time connecting Dupont cables, lower the damage rate caused by incorrect wiring connections.
Beginner-friendly, we provide sample code for more than 10 different projects.
*LEGO compatible
*Use the commands on botton A & B to control the expansion board.
*Builtin DHT11 sensor, temperature (0-50°C) and humidity rate will be shown on the display.
*Built-in LEDs in Red/ Green/ Yellow
*Built-in Light sensor, range (0-4095)
*Built-in RGB LED
*Built-in 1.3-inch OLED LCD to display the sensor values and error messages.
*LEGO compatible