【K&H】BD-101 Big Data Experiment Lab

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Big Data & Data Scientist

Big Data is an area that involves extraction, storage, retrieval, and analysis of data sets, especially those that are too voluminous and complex for traditional data processing application software to process. As Big Data proliferates, data statistical analysis methods become one of the most determinant factors in determining whether or not a data set is valuable in terms of operability, timeliness, and predictivity. As a result, the demand for data scientists in today’s job market is growing and will continue to grow.

BD-101 Campus Solution

Unlike traditional big data equipment, K&H BD-101, the Big Data Experiment Lab is a light weight big data equipment based on Hadoop framework. Simply power it on, immediately a classroom is converted into a big data lab. Most importantly, BD-101 has an abundant experiment content. A comprehensive courseware is provided for learning Python programming, algorithms, and fundamental knowledge about how to analyze data sets, all of which are the key skills and knowledge that a proficient data scientist should be well-versed in.

BD-101 Study Outline

1. Python Programming Course
2. Hadoop Configuration
3. SQL/NoSQL Architectures
4. Big Data Modeling
5. AI Related Experiments