2020 Smart City Edu-Tech Online Business Matchmaking

About Ed-tech Event Week

Due to COVID-19 barricading the networking across countries, 2020 Smart City Summit and Expo will be held as an online O2O exhibition. From 11th, Aug to 14th, Aug, we will have a whole week scheduled for you to meet the latest ed-tech technology in person! Join us right now for free to explore remote learning, technology and teaching during the pandemic. Come and join us now for free!

  • Participants: Anyone whom is interested to meet Taiwan Education Industry Suppliers
  • Registration Fees: Free
  • Date: August 10th ~ 14th
  • Time: 13:00~15:00 (GMT+8, Taipei Time)
  • This event is an 1 on 1 bushiness event which requires registration first.

Event Procedure

  1. Choose supplier that you are interested.
  2. Check all available time periods.
  3. Please make an appointment at the time that you are available.
  4. After you apply, the supplier will receive a notice and they will confirm if the schedule is ok. You will receive a confirmation letter once the supplier replies.
  5. Notes: This matchmaking event will be held online through Jitsi Meet. A meeting link will be sent to you and the supplier once meeting is scheduled and confirmed by both sides. You can only reserve one time period per supplier.

Contact: Andrew Liu, E-mail: andrewliu@iii.org.tw, Tel: +886-02-6631-6702
Organizer: Industrial Development Bureau
Execution: Digital Education Institute, Institute for Information Industries

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