Epidemic Prevention-Educational Products

Company Name Product Name
LOHAS Learning online tutoring service
Reading & Rhythm Co., Ltd T. Robot CT Learning
Qffers Financial Engineering and Trading Course
Habook Group TEAM Model AI Smarter School
GeStream Technology inc BeRobot AISTEM Education Robot
Education Learning-House Co., Ltd. Windhands English
TOP Chinese Character Acquisition
TOP940 after-school course program
Idealist Information Co., Ltd Happy Jungle
Dr. Chinese
OneClass x Nan I Book Enterprise Co., Ltd. OneClass Teacher on line
Nan I Book Enterprise Co., Ltd. SPAD12
WebMeeting, Inc. JoinNet
Edison Technology Co., Ltd. HiTutor
L Labs MyET
WisdomGarden TronClass
CHUN SHIN LIMITED TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course
TOEFL® Practice Online (TPO)
Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation
English Coffee
Shadoworks VR TeachingCool
CLICK-AP Learning Technology Co.,Ltd. Video Conference System
IProom Communications Co., Ltd. IPMeeting、Multimedia Meeting Center Advance
ATALENT Consulting Co., Ltd. E-learning total solution
Four Dimension Information Company Limited HiNet E-learning- icloud Math
Airabbi CodingBar
StudyBank elearning platform
Netxtream sharecourse
Over-Paradigm Technology Inc. 815 Expression Ability Class for Children
Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. MAKAR, AR/VR Builder
HyWeb Technology Co., Ltd. HyRead ebook
VoiceTube Corporation VoiceTube – English Learning
VoiceTube HERO online English learning service
SUNNET Technology Corporation Ltd. LeinPush Learning interaction platform
V2U virtual classroom system
MiTAC Information Technology Corp. Interactive Teacher and Student Service Platform 5(HTML5 edition)

Epidemic Prevention-Hardware

Company Name Product Name
MakeeTV Streaming Learning Enabler
Rich Source Precision Ind., Co., Ltd multi touch screen
MiTAC Information Technology Co. Ltd. Book Shower
AVerMedia technologies, inc. Avercaster SE5820 HDMI/3G-SDI HEVC 1080p60
Silicon-Xpandas Electronic SOLO KTV
Pointdidi Innovative Co., Ltd Pointdidi Touch M
AVer Information Inc. AVer PTZ310 Professional PTZ Camera
AVer PTC500S Professional Auto Tracking Camera
AVer Vision M15W Mechanical Arm Wireless Visualizer
AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera
BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation BenQ Interactive Flat Panel

Epidemic Prevention-Software System

Company Name Product Name
CHUN SHIN LIMITED English OK Official Website
Learning In Science Science teaching resources for junior high school and elementary school students.
LEAD U Educational Enterprise Co.,Ltd ai-dux
LEADERG INC. ORAI – AI Software – Education Edition
Tiked Books Co.,Ltd BAP(Business Application Professionals Programs)
JinYuan International Corporation Business Application Professionals Programs (BAP)
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. U Meeting/ U Webinar
Hami Book
Snapask Monthly Study Help Subscription
Cloudpe Corp. Cloudpe-Meet
Delta Electronics, Inc. Phonebooth