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Data decision-making, mastering the learning situation is so easy and simple!

In conjunction with HiTeach Smarter Teaching System, students hold an IRS remote device, which allows them to immediately respond to teacher’s questions, tests, or other interactive instruction. In addition, students’ responses to questions are used to make statistics, which allows teachers to pay attention to each student’s learning process and status. It’s the best auxiliary tool for in-class teaching.

Brand-new visual design IRS – More stylish and user-friendly

The new version of the IRS real-time feedback device, coupled with the LCD panel display, students can clearly see the status of their answers in use, and also added a multiple-choice answer function, making IRS more convenient and better.

IRS, flipped the classroom!

According to research, the average grade of a class that normally uses IRS in the classroom can be improved by 5-10 points! Change the traditional one-way teaching method and see the thinking of each student; break the learning pattern of unilateral lectures by teachers and passive listening to students, improve the interaction and concentration between teachers and students, and enhance the classroom atmosphere.

Multiple interactive teaching models, teaching effectiveness upgrade

The IRS interactive response system provides a variety of student feedback modes, such as Buzz-in, Toss-up, Quiz, Knockout Game, Pick-out/SMART Pick-out, etc. Students can also give points based on certain work, speech, performance, etc., and get the total score statistics immediately.
• Pop Quiz    • Toss-up Competition    • Buzz-in Competition   • Pick-out/SMART Pick-out    • Quiz / Survey    • SelfPace(With test paper)   • Knockout Game    • Voting Statistics    • Anonymous Answers

Clear visual statistical chart for more accurate decision-making

IRS is used with HiTeach software that has won the Taiwan Excellence Award. It provides a wealth of chart statistics display functions. For example, the statistics of each option are presented in a visual bar chart or pie chart, group answer analysis, and it can also flop to display each student Answer, statistics of all students who choose various options, etc. Let teachers have statistical charts, leaderboards, history records, learning analysis reports and other information presented immediately during the teaching interaction process to achieve the teaching goals of data decision-making, accurate teaching, and appropriate promotion of talent.

Not just for schools but the enterprises

IRS is not only used in schools, it is also a very good auxiliary helper for internal training, meetings, voting, brainstorming seminars in enterprise organizations.



WEB IRS A new era of interaction

Students can access Web IRS to connect to the smarter classroom in 3 ways.
1: Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code (use camera for the IOS system, and use a QR code scanner for Android system. Don’t use an incognito scanner).
2: Go to webirs.cc in your browser, and then enter the classroom code provided by HiTeach.
3: Enter the URL webirs.cc and the classroom code in your browser together, e.g. webirs.cc/?c=163760. Teachers can send the URL to students through chat groups (e.g. FB messenger) to let students use directly.