【HABOOK GROUP】Learning Never Stop, Countering the Pandemic – Video-Conference System+WEB IRS+HiTeach

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Learning Never Stop, Countering the Pandemic
Video-Conference System+WEB IRS+HiTeach

Thank goodness there is the Internet!

To counter the pandemic and let learning keep on rolling, teachers turn to the Internet and start live-streaming lessons. However, if there is no interaction in these lessons, it will just be online cramming education. The learning effectiveness is of great concern.

By combining a third-party video-conference system, WEB IRS, and HiTeach, a live-streaming distance interacting classroom is formed, letting the lessons be with effective interaction, synchronous differentiated instruction, and autonomy under group learning, displaying learning scenario of TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning.

WEB IRS A new era of interaction

After the teacher set up video-conference system with HiTeach and ask students to use WEB IRS to connect, live-streaming interacting teaching begins, allowing material interaction, message interaction, photo interaction, and IRS interaction.

Students can access Web IRS to connect to the smarter classroom in 3 ways.
1: Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code (use camera for the IOS system, and use a QR code scanner for Android system. Don’t use an incognito scanner).
2: Go to webirs.cc in your browser, and then enter the classroom code provided by HiTeach.
3: Enter the URL webirs.cc and the classroom code in your browser together, e.g. webirs.cc/?c=163760. Teachers can send the URL to students through chat groups (e.g. FB messenger) to let students use directly.

Message Interaction     Two-way Communication

Web IRS allows teachers and students to interact with each other regardless of the limitation of distance. Students can instantaneously share their thoughts without the need to install any app. They can send messages and pictures with WEB IRS.

Send Pictures Anytime, Anywhere

Both teachers and students can send pictures to each other anytime/anywhere, making it easier and more convenient to teach. Also, HiTeach can quickly organize pictures and messages without the need to use other software.

IRS Real-time Response     Data Decision 

Even without an actual IRS keypad, WEB IRS allows students to answer teacher’s questions regardless of the limitation of distance and without the need to install any app.

Teacher Sends Hyperlink

Teachers can send hyperlinks to students for additional learning. Students can go to the website by just clicking the hyperlinks.