Online Marketing Courses In Smart Education Industry: Improve Your English Presentation Skills

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve already invited smart education partners to carry out training courses to strengthen their live broadcast ability to meet the needs of various services and courses digitization. Also, we’ve already arranged professional courses to assist our to internationalized by enhancing their English presentation skill.


The Internet has already bridge the gap between countries which enables us to communicate and having business development without going out. The demands of online service had already arisen during the Covid-19 outbreak and learning is no exception. This course(Stage2) is about to Improve Your English presentation Skills in the smart education online marketing program.


In this course, we invited the leading professional presentation consultant brand in Greater China: POWER FOR POINT to provide enterprise-level business presentation consultaant, design and training services. Analyze the three major modules of business presentations through structure planning (points / structure / sequence), visual presentation (text / pictures / charts), and message delivery (intonation, stance, gestures) to help the company improve its presentation skills. There are 8 companies learning together online, including AIRABBI INC., Petite Mode Studio, GeStream Technology INC., Edison Technology INC., Motoduino, Aver Information INC., HJUAV INC., MIND & IDEA FLY CO., LTD.


We should present what we can actually do during our presentation.


Effective communication skill can enhance your competitiveness.


Make the rules logically and structuring your presentation logically makes it easy for your audience to follow along and understand how you came to your conclusions.


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