Smart City Education Inside

3 in 1 – Host, Moderator and Speaker
• 45 minutes Each Session
• Date: August 10th-August 14th, 2020
• Time: 10:00-10:45 (Taipei time) / 16:00-16:45 (Taipei time)

Innovative technology is changing the way we live, work and learn. What changes in education does COVID-19 or coronavirus accelerate? Do you think Covid-19 is changing education for the better way?
In this series we will be broadcasting 4 live panel discussions from leading educators and edtech innovators from across the World. They’ll be interaction, Q & A and live virtual roundtable sessions.

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2020 TAIWAN-VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL COLLABORATION FORUM Schools, skills and learning: The impact of COVID-19 on education

How is Vietnam and Taiwan using ICT development on Education and the best outcome of it? What is the biggest challenge in Vietnam during the pandemic? Future cooperation in K12 and higher Education How is education industry changing in response to the pandemic? The industry education solution for online and offline

August 10th 16:00~16:45 (Taipei time)


Sustainable development and basic income’s role in promoting these goals at the city level

Dignity, Decency, and Agency: The Case for Universal Basic Income

August 11th 10:00 ~10:45 (Taipei time)


Pause to Regroup : Maker Education Revolution

How to build comprehensive STEAM learning plans? Set up a Maker Space with your own recycled material and create a STEAM Makerspace for Your School. The STEAM + makerspace connection Bring the outside world in your classroom.

August 12th 16:00~16:45 (Taipei time)


Discussing global cash transfers and their role helping child development in the era of rapid technological change

Child Focused Development in the Digital Era

August 13th 10:00 ~10:45 (Taipei time)


Rising to the Challenge : How Online Education Will Change the Way of Learning

What changes in education does COVID-19 or coronavirus accelerate? How will COVID-19 change our schools in the long run? Online Education Vs. Traditional Education – Pros & Cons How should the education industry change in response to the pandemic?

August 14th 16:00~16:45 (Taipei time)

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