“To Fight against the virus. Do E together!” Taiwan’s Smart Education Industry Chain will never miss!

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the integrated and international intelligent learning industry program (IIILIP) team, which is affiliated with Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA (IDB) had invited more than 50 companies in smart education industry to share about the courses and videos online within a short period of time.. IIILIP uploads them to the “I3EDU” YouTube channel which is developed by the Digital Education Institute (DEI) and  create the a “To fight against the virus. Do E together! (防疫E起來)” playlist about the courses which offers people at all ages can access courses easily. That being said, smart education could be the best protection during the Covid-19 pandemic.


In response to the director of IDB, LuZheng-Hua’s manifesto at the 2019 Smart City Smart Education Exhibition, “ Let’s create a high-quality educational environment and make sure to keep an open mind with future application, striving for digital transformation and make contributions to the environments. The“To Fight against the virus. Do E together!”playlist provides a 24-hour teaching environment which can bridge the gap between school and home so that learners can enjoy the advantages of blended learning opportunities (co-learning, co-creating and sharing). Online learning can replace classroom teaching during the Covid-19 outbreak.This playlist includes content like teaching materials, foreign language learning, certification, remote live / recording and digital courses.


Furthermore, software manufacturers had also released many videos about learning platforms, tool aids, administrative management systems, online chat rooms, online learning evaluation and diagnostic analytics reports. Hardware manufactures provides the introduction of hardware in smart campuses and smart classrooms, anti-epidemic facilities and anti-virus disinfection tools which have passed the US FDA certification as well.


The director of the Smart Education Project and DEI, I-Chang Tsai, said during the Covid-19 pandemic  smart education the best way to learn. Taiwan ’s smart education industry chain won’t miss during this time. Constantly learning is our vision during digital transformation era.. Besides watching the videos on the playlist, people can also visit our educational innovation platform to scceass courses about smart education through live streaming courses during the same time.


“I3EDU To Fight against the virus. Do E together!”YouTube Channel playlist: https://bit.ly/2LqafMb

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