Antek Networks Inc.

Antek is the subsidiary of Gemtek based in Taiwan. Our company specializes in applying big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.state-of-art technology in our product. In the previous years, we have developed FreePP, a Taiwanese freeware, cross-platform centralized messaging and Voice-over-Internet-Protocol(VoIP) service. It is a popular VoIP service that has over 30 millions downloads all over the world, which proves our solid strength in software development.

In recent years, we have shifted our focus to develop CuClass, an interactive online teaching platform. This is because we knew online learning is an inevitable trend nowadays. As a software company, we want to create the best online teaching and learning for all individuals.

We have leveraged the skills we have used in Freepp, which allows us to crunch data based on academic performances and student’s learning process. With this information, we can offer teachers suggestions in optimizing their teaching, which in turns improves the overall learning/teaching efficiency. We believe with such innovative technology, teachers and students will enjoy better educational experience.

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