PT. Datascrip

Datascrip is a company that markets and sell machinery, digital devices, furniture, survey tools, stationery, and systems need in business and offices.

We started out our business in 1969 as a humble stationery store with an expanding product line from stationery to office equipment, office machines, drafting machine, office furniture, computers and printers.

Since 2000, Datascrip repositioned as Business Solution Provider and has twelve branch offices to distribute the products all over Indonesia.

Our vision it to be one stop business solution company in Indonesia.

Not only direct to the customer, Datascrip also distribute the product through modern market, online, dealer and retail/ showroom as its distribution channels.

Datascrip supported by our own warehouse located Kemayoran, Pulogadung and Cikarang in combination (separate from Head Office building), a total storage space of more than 15,000 square meters, and are supported by a fleet of trucks and vans to ensure the fast and efficient flow of goods.

To ensure the customer satisfaction, commitment and as our responsibility, Datascrip also completed by after sales team who only focused on repair and maintenance or other services.

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