【LiveABC】College Textbooks (Outstanding, Live Escalate, ESP series)

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(1) Product Introduction
– Introduction of Outstanding Outstanding!
– Achieving Excellence in English is a 7-level series designed to set students in motion so they can put what they have learned into practice and offers them a continuous challenge to expand their communication skills. Outstanding! components incorporate Live ABC’s longstanding technology support that includes e-learning, mobile learning, and an AR (augmented reality) app. By developing a hunger for advancement, Outstanding!
– Achieving Excellence in English proves that the sky is the limit for today’s learners.
– Introduction of Live Escalate Live Escalate is a 6-level series designed to develop the language four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The series contents, components and abundant resources offer students real-life topics and enough practice so they can develop their communication skills and meet today’s life needs. These series, comes with LiveABC’s long-standing technology support, is also abundant in its learning and teaching tools that include student’s disc, e-learning, teacher’s guide, and teacher’s disc. Live Escalate ensures a learning experience that is new and fresh.
-Introduction of ESP series (12 books) This ESP series provides professional English learning contents in various fields, which include workplace, tourism and hospitality, restaurant, hotel, information technology, medical, nursing, and cosmetic science. Each title offers key vocabulary, practical dialogues, reading, listening and speaking activities, and grammar practice. It does not matter where you are or what you do for a living, the ESP series is sure to provide you with the language training you need.

[Outstanding / Live Escalate] (For student) Student book + CD-ROM/MP3 Workbook + MP3 e-Learning web-school AR App (For teacher) Teacher’s guide + CD-ROM PPT slides Test Bank e-Learning web-school
[ESP series] (For student) Student book + CD-ROM/MP3 or DVD-ROM/MP3 e-Learning web-school AR App (For teacher) Teacher’s guide PPT slides e-Learning web-school