【Petite Mode Studio】Fashion Design Workshop

Company Name: Petite Mode Studio
Contact Person: Mr.Su
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Welcome to the world of fashion design!
We believe that fashion design is a great way to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.
Discovering colors and matching them, creating original patterns, designing accessories and even running their own runway show, we help children dream big and explore their styles.
From Sketch to Fabrics, step by step, children learn the fundamentals of fashion design and have the opportunity to discover the fun of up-cycle fashion as well.
We also encourage a healthy attitude towards fashion and allow your natural diverse talents and tastes to flourish by discussing your projects and creative thinking.
Take a little tour inside the world of Petite Mode Studio. We hope you will have fun and feel inspired!

Fashion Design Workshop box will guide you, step by step, through the creation of your own garment, from color selection, and pattern design to style matching and accessories.
We hope that this colorful box will inspire children and stimulate their creativity, style and taste.
Have fun!