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“Mobile learning,Includes the meaning of “”capable technology”” and “”all-around learning””. “Cable-style technology” intention, of course, in a mobile situation, in a fixed place like a traditional image classroom, in a fixed or mobile place, of course, in a fixed or mobile place, in a versatile operation, in a portable style, in wireless interaction . When studying in a foreign school, behavioral equipment can be used. Change and rehabilitation, activity, “Comprehensive learning” rules, learner’s motivation and technical interactivity, Noh learning and learning, and efficiency.

Here are the advantages that good learning design can bring :
*More flexible cooperation :
*Get learning feedback faster
*Get community or other support when needed during the learning process
*More room for reflection
*Building Authentic Learning Situations and Challenges
*Establish a Location-Based Discovery Process
*Catering to different learner preferences
*Initiate active learning in the right context
*The continuity of learning is not limited by time and space
*Friends and family can participate in the learning process”