Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. - Helen Keller

The crisis is boosting innovation and has caused an acceleration in the adoption of technologies. Over these 2 years, the pandemic has changed the world, many of the innovations that have flourished during the crisis, this is pushing the EdTech industry further and faster into the future. More companies are willing to take risks and embrace new ideas in the coming years.

If the boundary between physical and virtual becomes more blurred, how can we sustain the new normal after the pandemic? What lessons can be learned as the world looks towards the post-pandemic era?

The METAEDU 21 is a series of hybrid events from November 1st, being curated by Taiwan Government IDB and NGO III. Participants from government units, research institutions, educators, global venture capital and overseas companies from all around the world. Our goal is to build awareness and broaden the opportunity to accelerate the growth of EdTech.
Each year, we continue to deliver top-quality content with a broad range of well-known speakers and experienced practitioners sharing valuable insights and actionable takeaways. We have introduced 3 major themes that shapes our event to ensure that every participant will be inspired by the event’s seminar program.

Let us broaden the opportunity to accelerate the growth of education technology.

METAEDU21 Event Review

METAEDU21 has finally come to an end after a whole week. Taiwan’s Edtech industry has continued to thrive through this year of pandemic and brought to us exciting thoughts about the future.

2021 Taiwan Edtech Report

Taiwan Edtech market value has exceeded US$16 billion in 2021. The market value has increased 220.9% compared to last year. Download the full report now to understand the distribution in #Hardware #Content #Software, to get a full picture on Taiwan’s Edtech industry!

【METAEDU21】|HolonIQ 2021 X TAIWAN EDTECH 50 Forum
The HOLONIQ 2021 TAIWAN EDTECH 50 Forum starts with HolonIQ sharing the standards of their annual event and the outcomes of HolonIQ studies on Taiwan EdTech Market. In the second section, HolonIQ also invited selected EdTech companies to share about themselves and how they picture our future.

【METAEDU21】|Most exciting EdTech Event
☑ 2021TaiwanEdtech50 Awards
☑ Online opening ceremony for IEA offices in Indonesia, The Philippines and Vietnam.
☑ “EdTech Michelin” Hackthon
The most exciting platform to gather EdTech partners and educators around the world.

【METAEDU21】|2021 Reading Forum Webinar
Join us in the 2021 Reading forum webinar to understand:
1. How do you select the best books for you kids to understand SDGs?
2. How should you stimulate the interests for students to read?

【METAEDU21】SDG4 Development in SEA Region Webinar
We have invited honorable guests from 👭👬 The Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO)、Commission on Higher Education, The Philippines and and Center for Data and Technology Information, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Indonesia, to share with us their observations of the latest EdTech Trends and how these experiences can be integrated into SEA education scene.

【METAEDU21】|The EDTECH TALK- Global EdTech Venture Capital
Finding the money!
EdTech is a rapidly growing market in our world. METAEDU EdTech Talk aims to show you how to grab on to opportunities, get in contact with key VC’s! Come listen to the views of Finland VC NEX.D, understand the market environment of Japan, and how Taiwan ESG investment analyzes the education Market. Seize the chance and grow your business with us.


stop all-in-one
and solutions
Hours online
METAEDU 21 join Smart City Online to design a Smart Education online exhibition for the Taiwan EdTech industry. The all-in-one event for global smart city solution, Smart City Online continues to present a virtual expo as an online event throughout the year. You will be able to see various products, services, and solutions here, and B2B online matchmaking for companies or solutions you are interested in.


Innovative Diffusion
Talent Cultivation
Ecosystem Integration
  • Provide an open and collaborative platform
  • Suggestion to governments about the tech trends and new opportunities
  • Understanding the South East Asia governments’ priorities
  • Propose and share promising EdTech pilots projects
  • Foster collaborations between international and regional companies
  • Build a bridgehead for further ongoing cooperation




*METAEDU has right to adjust daily program, daily program is subject to adjustment by event team.
any inquiry please contact Andy Chou chouandy@iiii.org.tw Tel: (02)6631-6703